West Coast Brewing Fresh Powder/ウエストコーストブルーイング フレッシュパウダー【欠品】



薄い琥珀がかった冬霞なHazy!Fresh Powder🏂💨
しんしんと降り続ける粉雪に、Hop Dudeたちは居ても立っても居られず完全装備のゲレンデ仕様。凍てつく空気を切り裂き、気分はエクストリームレース🏂💨
Hop Dudes love that snow. Mochimune… doesn’t get much (see… photo of this beer w/o snow). Fortunately for our hop heroes some of the world’s best powder is just a short drive away✌🏻 And while not directly related to winter sports, there is something about a massive DDH Hazy Double IPA that makes wipeouts and frostbite all the more bearable. Our team of prospective Alchemists have been working overtime (literally) to bring you our latest lupulin lovebomb, lavishly layered with Strata, El Dorado and Freestyle The Bruce. Bright citrus, berry and Starburst-esque lemon red carpet the senses before dropping a massive pineapple and white peach hit on your unsuspecting palate. 8.5% melts the snow (brings you closer to the fire?) and is the perfect closer on a cold February night.
  • BREWERY ウエストコーストブルーイング
  • COUNTRY 日本/静岡県
  • ABV 8.5%
  • VOLUME 500ml
  • STYLE DDH Hazy Double IPA
  • PRICE 欠品中yen